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Arduino software, libraries and source code

Software which is written to program Arduino, you can download from the official website of the manufacturer.

The project attached below is tried and tested with Arduino 1.0.1, but it is assumed that in the future there is no reason not to work with the new versions of the software, unless drastic changes are made by the manufacturer in the future.

The source code of the program with set parameters which work optimally with configuration of my the oven:

Libraries that are needed to successfully compile the source code are:

The password for all archives article:

They are copied in subdirectory (folder) librares Arduino software.

Ready 1.0.1 Arduino archive (all included), source code and required libraries can be downloaded from here:

The password for all archives article:

Source code has the option DEBUG, which if set to 1 will enable the display data to be sent to PC via the serial port to box program the Arduino. So to measure the temperature changes over time. This would make it easier for your calibration. Be sure to set the correct speed of acceptance of the same data as in the source code, which is 57600 bps.



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