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Schematic, images and software of Countdown Counter with Arduino

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The Countdown counter that i make was in connection with a game-attraction in a seaside resort around my hometown Burgas. After having performed the task decided to share schemaric as it would be useful for somebody of you. The heart of the counter is created with Arduino UNO, that makes possible very easily modifying the code to work on your requirements. In the video above explain /at least as far as I can speak English/ buttons and mode of operation of the counter.

Attach the schematic in PDF and PNG file.


Schematic PDF

I suppose that many of you would have been easier if the schematic was drawn in some electronic software for schematics, but just do not have time. In a further consideration may notice that the schematic is not so dificult to understood.

Cycle counter that appears in the photos below was purchased and added separately and is not required for normal operation of the device.

Also here is the software which you must upload to the Arduino. 

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7-seg. coundown count.

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