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Mounting Cameras

          We offer installation of CCTV cameras to businesses in the city of Burgas and its surroundings. Install as CCD cameras and IP, which are more advanced and offer higher resolution. Mounted cameras can connect to the DVR for CCD cameras (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR - for IP cameras (Network Video Recorder) recorders, thereby saving you 24/7 captured by the camera. The same recording can achieve and not very powerful computer and specialized software h target. Cameras mounted both indoors and those who identified as exposed to weather conditions, we can put them in special housings that have heating for the winter. If required we can install PTZ cameras that allow vazmonvost to rotate 360 degrees from the console or computer software. If you have Internet access can set up everything you see and hear your camera is on the internet directly to you. This way you can watch and listen to your cameras from your PC at home or even on your phone if you have Iphone IOS and Android. We work with various manufacturers of cameras, we stopped at HIKVISION, which are not very expensive and are pretty good quality. We shop whose SECTRON The offered products catalog you can browse its website.

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