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Frequently Asked Questions for Reflow Oven controller

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What oven would become for a target?

There are no hard requirements for the selection of oven. It is assumed that any oven with appropriate settings of the software and any changes in the oven would achieve results. Requirements for soldering the solder paste is not strictly required and would have achieved good results and non-ideal soldering diagram. I personally use a small oven and replaced the original coils with new, more powerful and scored 2200 watts. The original bakery was 1300 watts. In my experience and low power would do for me if if you need to segregate housing from outside the oven with insulating material. The fan is not mandatory because without it achieves the desired result. I guess even use the other oven as long as it heats up to 240 degrees, will achieve the desired result.

Can i not spoil the oven we use for cooking?

You can make at the output relay contacts to control your coils. Once this is set up to run the maximum temperature of the thermostat and timer (if any) and any use to their goals. Note that solder contains lead and is not intended to create any fumes in devices that make food. Experiment at your own risk.


My oven has no fan.

This is not a problem. You can achieve the same results in the oven with no fan. It is just extra. Just do not use the fan relay provided.


Can i not use the heatsink of the relay?

Yes. They are desirable but not required. The oven operates a total of about 5 minutes to complete the process. With plenty of time to pause between processes and stills to the lowest point of the relays do not need a heatsink. My 25A relays and oven 2200 watts is not very even heat dramatically after a few starts in a row.


Is it normal coils to switch on and off several times a second?

It all depends on the setting of PID parameters, but it is normal because the controller seeks to maintain high accuracy aim is temperature


What Arduino to buy and from where?

The device is designed for the Arduino Uno. Device can be purchased from us, you can also buy and Arduino from Farnell or Official website but if you not hurry with the delivery you can use Chinese implementations of product for find cheaper options in . Delivery takes between 2 and 4 weeks.


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