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Frequently Asked Questions for mirror "Tube"

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Do I have to use your cards to manage LEDs?

No. Controller is an autonomous unit with the necessary skills in electronics can manage other RGB LEDs as RGB strips. The only requirement is that the LEDs are common anode, ie common "+" and driven by "-" separately. Another requirement is not to exceed the maximum current which approximately 7A (instead of 8A to not be in the meximum allowed) that can support a rectifier circuit board, if you replace the bridge may take much greater consumption depending on the final transistors (see PDF-and the manufacturer). We didnt know what Leds will use and how light intensity will have them (limiting resistors) can not tell you what is the maximum number of LEDs to use


What transformer to use for the device.

About transformer you should be tailored to your goals. Depending on the required power to choose a decent transformer. To use the full capacity of 300 LEDs you can use 80-100 watt transformer. If you are making your customizations, you can easily use Ohm's law to calculate the transformer. with your values. Here's an example of my maximum power: 7A (Electricity is expected to be consumed) x 12 volts (voltage) = 84 watts (power required by the transformer.) + 10% backfire. Advise company Bultraf (for Bulgaria) will work out if a transformer on request, as I've experienced, and I dare say that to make quality transformers.


Is it necessary to put the heatsink to the end transistors?

Since the transistors operate in the key (pulsed) mode is not expected to shine but if you use a lot of LEDs is better to put some heat sink to dissipate heat. It is best to establish in your experimental conditions.


What to use for glass mirror effect?.

I use glass, which I ordered in joinery company. It has reflective properties of the two countries but one (which is coated mirror finish) are mirror properties are more pronounced. This country put to the LEDs. However reinforced front mirror properties (visible) on the glass with mirrored glass film car. So that I get a pretty good effect. But in their attempts found that typically clear glass with foil but achieves results tunnel. In other words, the mirror is not as pretentious and requirements are not completely hard on the glass just as a mirror but in turn very dark, you will achieve greater length of the tunnel.


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