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Android Software of Smart Voice Controller

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Android software is not free. It costs $4,99 or �3,7 and can be purchased in several ways.

  1. Buy from Download SlideMe Market form HERE. Then look in the shop or scan the QR code from THIS link.
  2. Buy from Visit THIS link from your phone and install Amazon Appstore. Then look for application in the store.
  3. Buy from Visit THIS link form PC or directly from your phone.
  4. You can pay the amount directly through Paypal: ,in this case on a Paypal email address will be sent back a respond email containing an attachment file with a program for Android. Then you can directly download the .apk file and install on your phone.

Preferred method of payment is � 4 - through Paypal.

Although Google Play is perhaps the most widely used market, the program is not uploaded there because the country of the author is not supported remittance of sale of application. ie can not be sold. However, I am using a free application with the same name that opens the page and offers you various methods to purchase the official app.


Since the application uses system Googlel speech recognition is desirable to enter to the Settings menu >> Language & input >> Voice Search and set the language in which you will speak.



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