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Development and pictures of HV Generator

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High Voltage.

If you are a novice amateur in electronics and this is one of your first projects, better don't begin with this project.


This article is free assembly of circuits placed on the Internet, mostly gathered from Russian sources. The author of the article and the site is not liable for any malicious action by the visitors of the page or people who have constructed such a device and use it against the laws of their country or outside the humane principles. This article is only for educational and experimental purposes. Do not abuse.


Block diagram and Schematic:




Download PCB and Schematics(HQ PDF)


Automatic charger with Arduino UNO:

The source code for the program made with Arduino UNO, through which you can charge battery connected 2 by 2 in parallel alternately, without having to be disconnected separately. You can download it from HERE.

//High Voltage Generator charger -
//This code turn relays 2 by 2 for 15 mins and make this cicle 60 times.Charge every 1 from 4 battery for 15 min and make pause for 45 mins.
//In this time charge another one batt. Total charge time for every battery 15 hours.
//See schematic in article for connection diagram.

// name your pins:
int edno = 2;
int dve = 3;
int tri = 4;
int chetiri = 5;
int pet = 6;
int shest = 7;
int sedem = 8;
int osem = 9;

// the setup routine runs once when you press reset:
void setup() { 
// initialize the digital pin as an output.
pinMode(edno, OUTPUT);
pinMode(dve, OUTPUT);
pinMode(tri, OUTPUT);
pinMode(chetiri, OUTPUT);
pinMode(pet, OUTPUT);
pinMode(shest, OUTPUT);
pinMode(sedem, OUTPUT);
pinMode(osem, OUTPUT);
int var = 0; //defines and sets initial value for variables used below

// the loop routine runs over and over again forever:
void loop() {

// sets initial value for pins so that lights start as "off" 
digitalWrite(edno, LOW);
digitalWrite(dve, LOW);
digitalWrite(tri, LOW);
digitalWrite(chetiri, LOW);
digitalWrite(pet, LOW);
digitalWrite(shest, LOW);
digitalWrite(sedem, LOW);
digitalWrite(osem, LOW);
while(var < 60){ // cicles before stop(15 hours in every batt. 15minx4batt.=1hour, 1hour=1cicle. 60 :4 =15 hours total)
digitalWrite(edno, HIGH); 
digitalWrite(dve, HIGH); 
delay(900000); // holds the first pair relays ON for 15 min.
digitalWrite(edno, LOW);
digitalWrite(dve, LOW);
delay(2000); // slight pause between switching relays 2 sec.
digitalWrite(tri, HIGH);
digitalWrite(chetiri, HIGH);
delay(900000); // holds the second pair relays ON for 15 min.
digitalWrite(tri, LOW);
digitalWrite(chetiri, LOW);
delay(2000); // slight pause between switching relays 2 sec.
digitalWrite(pet, HIGH); 
digitalWrite(shest, HIGH);
delay(900000); // holds the third pair relays ON for 15 min.
digitalWrite(pet, LOW);
digitalWrite(shest, LOW);
delay(2000); // slight pause between switching relays 2 sec.
digitalWrite(sedem, HIGH);
digitalWrite(osem, HIGH);
delay(900000); // holds the four pair relays ON for 15 min.
digitalWrite(sedem, LOW);
digitalWrite(osem, LOW);
delay(2000); // slight pause between switching relays 2 sec.

var++;} //adds 1 to variable "var" for repeat count



During testing process under real conditions was observed that the resistance of the water in a large pool is much more than that of a bucket of water. 20 A input fuses were not enough. Use 25-30 � as main fuse. After that i choose to upgrade the schematic.I make changes to control the IC generator and remove the relay which interrupt high voltage after the transformer. Photographs of tuning .



  Fails and Explosions:

 Use High Voltage fuses :)


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