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Creating Websites

           I make websites at Content Management System JOOMLA. Through it you to easily administirate (add, edit or delete) content (articles and gallery) in dynamic websites without having skills in programming languages. This product has a simple interface and has been translated into almost all languages. Need basic skills to work with the Internet and with little action to make major changes to your site. The system supports multiple threads in real estate Online Store, Galleries, Blogs, Business, and Personal sites.

Necessary a requirement for the preparation of the Website:

    • Purpose of the site (in whitch field will be focused content)
    • Approximate page
    • Sample View
    • Additional requirements

In addition, we can develop systems and Forum system to the site based on PHPBB, you can quickly and easily manage in a similar way JOOMLA. We can also produce animated Flash banner or logo on your preferences.

After building website, we can register a domain name of your choice such and upload your site there, add it to a popular search engine and do not forget the creation of business mail that you can look for people any type This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For more information or to request for a quotation use the "CONTACT WITH ME" in the "PERSONAL SECTION".


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